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It is our objective at DTNZ to always provide high quality management on each and every project to ensure maximum value for our customers. We are committed to uncompromising quality, attention to detail and strong leadership at any phase of the job. Whether you are at conceptual stage , problem solving or ready to build, our project managers have the skills to ensure successful completion of projects to your satisfaction.


We aims to provide a one stop solution to clients in the following sectors:

  • Corporate Office

  • Retailers

  • Restaurants and Café

  • Commercial ​

  • Boutiques

  • Galleries


Our primary responsibility is to ensure that our clients receive a quality product constructed on time and within budget and that the final product fully supports the needs and objectives of the owner. We have a proven track record of safe work performance and execution excellence.​ We understands that budgeting for a new office can seem like an insurmountable task. We will help identify the various cost areas to manage your budget and stretch your dollars.


Dream Team values every client past and present, and is just a phone call away to provide assistance. 

Has your lease finally come to an end ? At the end of your lease period, most landlords would want their tenants to restore the original condition of the area before handing it back over to the landlord. If you need to clear the premises before moving to a new location, then you can depend on Dream Team and our nominated designer ( New Zealand & Malaysia ) to provide office reinstatement for your company. The process of clearing the premises might be a hassle, that’s where our reinstatement services and experts in New Zealand come in.

From dismantling of ceiling works and electrical wirings, hacking and removal of built-up partition walls and pillars, disposal of unwanted furniture as well as touch-up and clean-up, we do it all to ensure you enjoy a hassle-free customer experience. In addition, our team will do a thorough inspection before you hand it back to your landlord. You can look forward to a work space that is as good as new!

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